GHF Horse Trials Courses

The GHF Horse Trials has courses for the Novice and Training/Novice, Training and Prelim/Training, and Preliminary and Intermediate/Preliminary (IP) levels.

Dressage: The 2018 dressage tests for N, TN, T, and PT eventing divisions are going to be ridden in a small grass arena. The Dressage Test for the OP and IP divisions will be ridden in a standard grass arena.

2017 TEST LIST (2018 list is still TBD)
Novice: 2014 USEF Novice Test A, small arena
Training/Novice (TN): 2014 USEF Training Test A, small arena
Training: 2014 USEF Training Test B, small arena
Preliminary/Training (PT): 2014 USEF Prelim Test A, small arena
NAJYRC Selection Divisions: designated tests
Preliminary : 2014 USEF Preliminary Test B, standard arena
Intermediate/Preliminary (IP): 2014 USEF Intermediate Test B, standard arena

Cross Country, sponsored by Tanma Corporation: The official 2018 XC courses will be available at the event. To get an idea of what 2018 might look like, the 2017 cross country course maps can be found using the links below for the desired division. These can give you an idea of what the competitors will face.

The course terrain is characterized by good galloping paths, open fields, and excellent footing with turf management. All courses are considered moderate difficulty.

2017 Novice XC Course Map

2017 Training XC Course Map

2017 Preliminary XC Course Map

Groton House Dangerous Riding Policy: Competitors will be RED FLAGGED for excess speed or for otherwise endangering themselves or their horses. Riders MUST STOP when flagged and leave the course. See also Eventing Rule 112.

Several fences are traditionally part of each cross country course:

The Strafford Saddlery Start Box: At the top of the hill, this is where the action begins!

Fence 1 – Marty’s Fence: This fence, named in memory of Marty Simensen, US Equestrian Team Veterinarian, starts every course.

The Road Crossing: The course crosses the front avenue at the Road Crossing, which usually contains a series of jumps through the woods, across the road, and into the fields. This is an excellent place to watch the course from a shady spot.

The Water Complex: Depending on the course designer’s decision, Horse and rider can approach the water from a number of different directions, each testing the competitors in a different way. The water complex is always one of the focal points of the course, whether it be for a Novice or Advanced horse and rider team.