GHF Horse Trials Entry Information

The Groton House Farm Horse Trials is part of the US Eventing Association (USEA) Area I circuit. Information, entry and stabling forms can be obtained through the USEA Web Site, or through the USEA Omnibus, which is a publication that lists current events and their associated information.

Please address all questions to Liz by phone at 978-312-6216.

It is recommended that you register for the event online at (Credit cards are accepted) and submit digital signatures and digital Coggins. Otherwise, enter electronically and within 5 days mail legible copies of your registration, Coggins, Rhino/Flu vaccination documentation and original signature page along with required checks. Alternately you can submit scanned Coggins, Rhino/Flu and signature page to If any materials which may be needed to complete electronic entries are not postmarked/emailed within 5 days, entry “postmark date” will be changed to reflect date they were postmarked or emailed, not the date of the electronic entry.

Late/Incomplete entries will not be included in the opening day entries draw. Entries of those owing NEFESE/GHF for unreturned pinney or other outstanding charges will be drawn last.

If you pay by credit card at Event Entries, you do not need to send checks for pinney and stall deposits. They will be charged to your credit card after the event if it should be necessary.

If you are mailing checks, be sure to add Two or Three separate checks in US Dollars for each horse (payable to NEFESE/GHF) (Note Canadian entries: by check payable in US Dollars through an affiliated US bank)
Check 1: Total of $250 entry, USEA/USEF fees (i.e. starter and drug testing fees, USEF admin fee for Prelim and above, (PT entries pay USEA fees, no USEF fees), and $200 Stabling (for the duration).
Check 2: $25 Pinney Deposit (no deposit required for dressage only competitors)
Check 3: $50 Clean Stall Deposit (if stabling). NOTE that stalls are 10′ x 10′.

Preliminary entries must include USEF membership numbers for RIDER AND TRAINER AND OWNER. Special scheduling requests must be submitted with entry. Incomplete entries face a $25 fee and will be placed at the bottom of the list of entries.

Finally, please include a copy of a current (within 12-months of the event) Coggins Test Result and proof of Rhino/Flu vaccinations (within 6 months of the event) to your signed entry, or submit the digital Coggins through Event Entries.

Please mail completed paperwork (Coggins, Rhino/Flu, registration, and checks if not using credit card at Event Entries) to the Event Secretary:

Liz Wheaton, Secretary
P.O. Box 1
321 Sagamore Street
Hamilton, MA 01936

Entry fee includes $25 non-refundable office fee. Incomplete entries: $25 fee, entries will be placed at the bottom of the list of entries. Double entries are not accepted. Entries are limited. Special scheduling requests must be submitted with entry. IP/P/JYOP entries must include USEF Membership numbers for Rider, Trainer and Owner.

Additional registration information should be obtained through the USEA Web Site, or by calling Liz Wheaton, Event Secretary at 978-312-6216. Do not email Groton House.

Changes/Scratches: Timely phone calls are encouraged, but must be followed by a fax or mail. Changes after CD incur $50 fee-either by check (with the change) or if you paid by credit card we will apply the $25 fee to your card. Changes of level received after June 18, 2018 will not be accepted. Substitution of horse or rider only as per USEF Eventing Rule EV106.9.

NOTE The recognized GHF Horse Trials is not the same as the unrecognized GHF Summer Classic held the prior weekend. The entry process for one event is very different than for the other. For example, entries CANNOT be switched between events (i.e. drop from N to BN, etc.).

Refunds: Before CD: Less $25 non-refundable office fee. After CD: No Refund. Competition Cancellation: No Refund.

NOTE: For more information, rules and conditions, consult the Omnibus and the USEA Rules of Eventing. Accepted entries will be posted at the Groton House Farm Web site after the Close Date. No Wait List will be maintained thereafter.

Stay Informed about the event: Do you want to add your name to the Groton House Farm Newsletter List managed as a Yahoo! group (we never share this list with anyone…see our Privacy Policy). Send an email to We may email reminders about the events, last minute changes, links to the latest scores, and general information only about Groton House Farm. The newsletter is usually only active around May/June, when the events are getting close.