GHF 2-Phase and Dressage Schooling Show

Saturday May 26th, 2018.

The Groton House Farm Combined Test and Dressage Schooling Show is an excellent way for riders to start their Area I showing season. With classes at all levels for eventers and dressage riders, everyone should be able to find excellent competition.Offering Elementary through Modified Intermediate, and Beginner Novice through Intermediate A dressage.

2018 Date: Saturday, May 26
Open Date: April 24th. Close Date (received by): May 18th.

Entry form available    entry form GHF CT 2018

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VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. Please contact Gail Majauckas if you can help out for the 2-phase.

The following divisions will be offered in 2018:

Eventing Divisions
Beginner Novice
Open Novice
Open Training
Open Preliminary
Modified Open Intermediate

AGAIN IN 2018: Extra Show Jumping Round – You may jump the same course, unjudged after your first round.
$10.00 entry fee (must be entered in CT division).

Dressage Only
USEF 2018 Eventing Tests Beginner Novice through Intermediate A, and 2015 USDF Dressage Training Level 1 through Third Level 3, as requested by the rider. Additional tests available upon request-please supply two copies of test along with your entry. All schooling dressage test will be scheduled after eventing combined test dressage ride times.

Closing Date (Received by): May 18th, 2018

  • Combined Test: $85 per combined test.
    Dressage Schooling Show: $30 per dressage test.
    Additional Jump Round: $10
  • Negative Coggins within 12 months required with entry.
  • Refunds: Before C.D. – Less $25 office fee… After C.D.- None.
  • Only one horse per entry form please. (No limit to # of entries)
  • Please draw checks to order of NEFESE/Groton House Farm
  • To be held in accordance with current USEA / USEF rules
  • Ribbons 1st-6th
  • Food will be available on grounds
  • Farrier and veterinarian will not be on grounds. Veterinarian will be on call

(OI, OP, OT, ON, BN and E)

  • Tentative Time Schedule: CT Dressage – 8:00 A.M.
    Show Jumping – starting at 9:30 AM starting with Intermediate working down to Elementary.
  • All divisions are “Open” and may be further divided if entries warrant.
    Will be available on this Web site Thursday before the event.
    Secretary: Jill Morris email:
    Phone: 978-465-4347 (no later than 8pm please)ENTRIES VIA EMAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (sorry 🙁 )
Division Dressage Test Arena Size Jump Height
Elementary 2015 USDF Intro Test B

small / grass


Beginner Novice 2018 USEF Beginner Novice Test TBD

small / grass

2′ 7″

Novice 2018 USEF Novice Test TBD

small / grass

2′ 11′

Training 2018 USEF Training Test TBD

small / grass

3′ 3″

Preliminary 2018 USEF Prelim Test TBD

small / grass

3′ 7″

Modified Intermediate 2018 USEF Intermediate Test TBD

Std. / grass

Prelim Course up to 3′ 9″

USEF Tests can be downloaded from


Eventing Dressage Tests – Will be ridden in a small arena (20m x 40m), except for Prelim B and Intermediate tests.
2015 USDF Intro – Test A, B or C, small arena
2018 USEF Beginner Novice – Test A or B, small arena
2018 USEF Novice – Test A or B, small arena
2018 USEF Training – Test A or B, small arena
2018 USEF Preliminary – Test A, small arena, Test B, standard arena (20m x 60m)
2018 USEF Intermediate – Test A or B, standard arena (20m x 60m)

2015 USEF Training Level – Tests 1-3, standard arena
2015 USEF First Level – Tests 1-3, standard arena
2015 USEF Second Level – Tests 1-3, standard arena
2015 USEF Third Level – Tests 1-3, standard arena

USEF Dressage Tests can be downloaded from

Additional tests available upon request
(Submit with entry, and bring an extra copy of your test for the judge,
just in case. Please make sure that the requested test matches the arena size for your division.)