GHF Summer Classic

2018 will be the 10th running of the ever-popular Groton House Farm Summer Classic.  It is an excellent way for beginner eventers to show how their Spring training has prepared them for the three phases of eventing fun. We offer courses at the Elementary and Beginner Novice levels. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your horse to Groton House Farm’s beautiful terrain.

2018 Date: Sunday June 24, 2018
Open Date: May 15. Close Date (received by): June 12

Entry form available ⇒Summer Classic Entry Form

Note that, although this is held the weekend before the GHF Horse Trials, the Summer Classic is an unrecognized event and has a completely different secretary and registration process than the Horse Trials. This unfortunately means that there cannot and will not be any registration transfers between events (i.e. from Novice at the Horse Trials to Beginner Novice at the Classic or vice versa…sorry!). Thank you for your understanding.

To get an idea of what 2018 will look like, Click Here to Download the Provisional 2017 Fall Classic XC Course Maps 2017SummerClassicXCMaps
The official map will be available at the event.
COURSE WALKS: Saturday June 23, 2018

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VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. Please download the 2-Phase / Summer Classic Volunteer Form and send to Kristine Ellis

The following divisions will be offered in 2018:

Beginner Novice
All divisions are open. If entries warrant, divisions may be divided by age or qualification.
Tentative Time Schedule: Dressage 8:00, Stadium 10:30
proceed directly to Cross Country

Dressage Only
2018 USEF Eventing Tests Beginner Novice through Preliminary Test A,
and 2015 USDF Dressage Intro A or B
Tests will be ridden in a small arena (20x40m)
Dressage only division will be scheduled for after 3-phase tests.
Sorry, no practice tests before the 3-phase

Open Date: May 15 (post-marked). Closing Date: June 12, 2018 (received by)
a) Three Phase Entry Fee: $100
Dressage Schooling Show: $30 per dressage test. (separate from 3-phase)
b) Entries for 3-phase limited to 110 riders
c) Negative Coggins within 12 months of the event date required with entry.
Incomplete Entries (e.g. without coggins) will be placed at the bottom of entry list
d) Refunds: Before C.D. – Less $20 office fee…
After C.D.- None, unless your spot can be filled from wait list.
e) For Stadium, please wear Cross Country gear as you will go
straight to Cross Country after your stadium ride.
f) To be held in accordance with current USEA / USEF rules
g) Medical armbands, vests, and ASTM helmets
are required for all jumping phases
h) Cross Country is untimed.
Please use safe and appropriate speed on course
i) Multiple Horses will be allowed if space is available. Please submit
only one horse per entry form.
j) Ribbons awarded 1st-6th for 3-phase


Division Dressage Test Arena Size Jump Height


2018 USEF Beginner Novice Test A

small / grass

2′ 3″

Beginner Novice

2018 USEF Beginner Novice Test B

small / grass

2′ 7″

USEF Tests can be downloaded from


Eventing Dressage Tests
2015 USDF Intro Test A, or B, small arena
2018 USEF Beginner Novice – Test A or B, small arena
2018 USEF Novice – Test A or B, small arena
2018 USEF Training – Test A or B, small arena
2018 USEF Preliminary – Test A, small arena

USDF Intro Tests can be downloaded from

Will be available on this Web site the week prior to the event (hopefully Tuesday).
Secretary: Jill Morris (978-465-4347 before 8pm)